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Making Promotional

Making Promotional

!Welcome to 2mm, where the principles of cinema and advertising become the dimensions of reality

At 2mm Studio, as a creative and innovative advertising studio, we create unique and attractive videos. We believe that every promotional video should have a unique story, a story that stays in the mind of the audience and arouses their emotions in line with our goals.

We’re not just looking to make a pretty video! Rather, by examining the strategy and personality of your brand, the psychology of the audience persona, the publication platform, the why of the video, etc., we will come up with the best possible scenario for you in order to give life to your brand video in the most transparent way possible.

We believe that our job is not advertising! Rather, it is the presentation of clear facts and away from exaggeration and exaggeration of your brand so that we can bring you to a dream beyond your created future.


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